Why Do We like Pioneer Network?

The Core Values...


Like our network, Franche Community Church Believes God is Community, and our aim is to reflect Him in all we do. We celebrate diversity, honour the gift of leadership and demonstrate this not as hierarchy but as a spearhead to empower and equip the community the best we can. We value all people in all roles equally. 


Like our network, we see ourselves as co-workers with God in His mission. We do this by presenting the Good News about Jesus in a way that is relevent. As part of this we believe justice and social action are central to the message of Jesus (see our Food Bank work below as a demonstration of this).


Like our network, our lives and faith is engerised and informed by a living experiance of the Holy Spirit. This is demonstrated both individually and corporately. This is demonstrated by His Holy Spirit bringing revelation through prophecy, healing bodies and hearts, and performing miraculous signs. This is rooted in Scriptures and informed by our beautiful church history.


Like our network, we believe all of life and creation is sacred, as all have been made in the image of God. We, therefore, look to express a culture and lifestyle of worship, all day, everyday. Our commitment to you is that we equip and empower you to serve Jesus in all spheres of life, be that buisness, politics, media, community, education, creativity or the arts. We look to partnering with any group possible in our commitment to unity in the Body of Christ. As such we have great relationships with local churches, social and community groups, schools and various other volunteer organisations. If your looking for extra support in your project, let us know how we can help.


We have three key distinctives,which excite and energise us:

  • The role of women and young people in leadership. We welcome and promote the role of women at every level of leadership, and we aim to see all expressions of life and age in our leadership teams.
  • Our understanding of scripture is that there are no roles within the church that cannot be fulfilled by women and that would include bottom line church leadership.

    Our understanding of the call of leadership is that it is a call first and foremost to serve. Our theological understanding of scripture is that therefore there is no ceiling on the way in which both genders can serve in leadership, and has been demonstrated throughout Scripture and church History, through powerful gamechangers like Deborah, Miriam, Esther, Lydia, Mary (all three of them), Pheobe, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, and Susan B Anthony to name just a few. R
    oles within the church are based on calling and gifting rather than gender or Age. 
  • Unity of the Body of Christ. We actively and intentionally pursue unity and work in partnership – locally and nationally.
  • Adventure. As ‘pioneers’ we want to continue to innovate, to take risks, to try new things, to be Spirit-led people and to have fun as we serve God’s purposes.

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Franche Community Church Food Bank

Franche Community Church has an established Food Bank which provides a service to the wider community with emergency food packed with items for two to three days depending on people's circumstances.


If you want a quick brief of what we do and why then please click on the video link below to hear our very own Paul Guille, who runs the Wyre Forest Food Bank with his Wife Barbara, was interviews on BBC Hereford and Worcester on the KAte Justice show on the 4/8/2020.


They are distributed to individuals and families as recommended by several local agencies who partner with FCC in helping people who require support for a variety of reasons. 


We are the only food bank that distribute the boxes, via a volunteer delivery service, over the course of 6 weeks. We are always grateful for any donations as well as help with packing. In fact, a great deal of what we do relies on the help of many volunteers, for which we are extremely thankful. Food can be donated by dropping it off by arrangement, or feel free to pop in when the church is open (see About Us page for details).


Our aim as a church is to serve the local community by bringing the joy, hope and blessing of the Christian faith to everyone in the Wyre Forest. If someone asks for help, we will try to respond in a practical and caring manner wherever possible. We do not use this as an opportunity to preach to vulnerable people, we do however simply see it as a practical giving of our faith. 


We operate strictly on a referral basis and cannot simply give a food box to anyone without a reference from an associated agency or person. However, if you would like to find out more about the food bank, how you can help or who we expect a reference from, then please get in contact with us using the details below.


If you would like to volunteer for either our deliveries or to come and help pack, then please email below or click our Facebook button and send us a message. Check the events on Facebook for our next packing night, but we will be packing on the last Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm unless notice is given. See you there!

E-mail: franchecommunitychurch@gmail.com

We are located at:

Franche Community Church

Chestnut Grove


DY11 5QA

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

Charity Number: 701151


01562 68183 01562 68183



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