Franche Community Church (FCC) is seeking to be a lively, passionate, family-friendly church working out all that it means to love and worship Jesus, and fulfil our potential in Him.

Franche Community Church holds three main aims, through the guidance of Acts 2:42:

*Meeting Together - We meet to share our stories, sing, pray, learn and laugh - and join to worship Jesus our Lord and Saviour

*Eating Together - Each Sunday (and for some of our other gatherings too) we keep the dinner table as a focus. This creates a relaxed enviroment to share in and really learn about others too!

*Raising Disciples Together - A Disciple means 'follower of Jesus.' Meeting and eating is great, but doing this under the guidance of Jesus' teachings is even better. Our aim is to not only follow Jesus, but help others to do so as well. 


Come and join us on a Sunday from 10:30am (or Midday for the meal), or find us online to get a taster. Alternatively feel free to contact us using the information online, and someone will get back to you.


If you were to come on a Sunday, here's what to expect:


10:30 am - Service Starts with a welcome Song - often a new one to get us started. Come in, grab a drink and get settled in. 

10:40am  - Notices and Communion - Our gathering on a Sunday is all about Jesus, and communion helps us to focus on this. We share the Bread and Cup (Squash) to help us remember Jesus Body and Blood that was shed for us. 

10:50am  - Worship - There are many ways to celebrate Jesus and the impact he has on our lives. We do this through music, crafts, activities, colouring and meditating on the word. Feel free to sink into an area that helps you reflect on your relationship with God. 

11:20am - Discussion on a Biblical topic - rather than being spoken to for 30 minutes, we felt that leading a discussion around a Biblical passage gives us more to take-away and impact our Monday-Saturday lives. We base these on a theme and unpack the 'Who, What, Where, Why and How's' that come from the passage. 

12pm - Food!!!
In order to complete our worship time together, to learn about one another, and care for one another we need to know one another. We do this around the table, a table to which everyone is welcome! Come and join us!

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Please call us on 01562 68183 01562 68183 or email

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Franche Community Church

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