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FRANCHE COMMUNITY CHURCH consists of a team of people that facilitate the weekly progress of the church. Allow us to introduce them to you:

Sam Guille



Specialist areas:

Sam is our new minister for 2018! Sam is husband to Emma and the father of three very active children. He holds a passion for the growth of people in the church and the wider community.

He keeps himself busy in general church management, pastoral and ministerial care as well as running and maintaining distribution of the food boxes and food bank collection. You may also see Sam preaching and leading, or being involved with general church activities. Sam also goes into the local schools, talking about fun ways to interact with the bible and the community.


Contact on:

Tel: 01562 68183

Email: pastoralcare.samg@gmail.com

Robert and Jean Palmer

Pastoral Elders at Franche Community Church


Specialist areas

Rob and Jean conduct many home visits to reach out and serve the community from a pastoral and practical level. Seeing themselves as mother and father  figures in the wyre forest they do their best to support and encourage, not only our church-goers, but anyone throughout the community. Rob and Jean are involved in bringing together local ministers to meet and pray together every week as well as running a men's breakfast every 6-weeks.


Paul Guille

Teacher Elder


Specialist areas

Paul is crucial in the encouragement and general 'to do' lists we always need in life. He has a firm background in biblical teaching, and you will often find him teaching or leading in some way. Paul is always on hand for support and expanding a biblical understanding of our world.


Barbara Guille

Church Administrator


Specialist areas

Barbara runs our admin and data protection areas as well as being our Safeguarding officer.  She is also our point of contact if you would like to book the hall here at Franche or need some information on our food boxes 


Contact on:

Tel: 01562 68183

Email: 2016franchecommunitychurch@gmail.com


Emma Guille, Paul Duriez and Ros Pervanoglu

Childrens work leaders


Specialist areas:

Organisation and running of Childrens and Youth groups on a sunday morning. One of these lovely leaders will be heading up the Childrens work this week. This empowers the children to work as a community under Christ and allows adults to enjoy the sermon freely.

We are located at:

Franche Community Church

Chestnut Grove


DY11 5QA

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01562 68183 01562 68183



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